Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a relief ...

I am so happy to be done with the Praxis III. It really was not too bad. My class was excellent, I could not have asked them to be better. I was so proud. I did bribe them a little, but hay I think it was worth it. I have to thank Jacob, because I stayed at school late a few nights. If you were ever a stay at home parent then you understand. I can not believe that the school year is almost 3/4 over. It has gone so fast! There are all kinds of changes happening for next year, but I think in the long run they will work out fine.

On a family note we had a great snow day. Max and I built a snowman. It was very tall, but it fell over before I got any pictures. Ben well he did not like the snow too much. We spent 30 min. getting the kids dressed and Ben lasted about 3 minutes out in the cold. He is going to be my opinionated child. He knows what he wants and what he does not. Even thought he is not talking very much he makes his point quite clear. I know he is frustrated about talking, but the screaming can drive you crazy after a while. I am with you Amber I am not sure how to get them to talk more and faster. If you find a good trick let me know. We are doing some sign language, it seems to help a little. Max loved the snow, he made his first snow angel. It was too cute. I did get a few pics of him I will post later.