Friday, October 3, 2008

It's been a while.

Well I think it has been a month since my last blog. I looked all over for my camera, but who knows where that is. So it looks likes just words again. Ben turned 1 last week, it makes me happy but a little sad. I can't believe it has been one year. I told Jacob we can have more since he is staying home with them, but that got a VETO. Anyway, I'm not really serious about it. Maybe someday! :) School is going great. So to all the teachers out there ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH ALL THE PATHWISE CRAP? I can not believe all the paperwork that no one will ever look at. UHG. oh well it will get done eventually.

So since I have caught every one up to... today. I came home to an empty house. Amazing! Jacob took the kids to the river for the weekend. I will probably go tomorrow. I can't thank him enough for all he is doing , and I know he does not expect it but, he is doing great. Tonight I went to the Nettleton Homecoming, my sister Alex was a maid and got the Maid of honor. I am proud of her too. For all that know her she is Senior wow talk about feeling old. Well I am going to watch tv and veg on the couch for the rest of the night. Maybe I'll get some new pics up next time.