Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Great Weekend...

We had a wonderful weekend. Friday I had flowers delivered to school, from my wonderful husband. Then my brother and sister in law babysat Friday night so we could go out. We were so tired we opted for Taco Bell and a movie at home. It was so nice, I slept until 10:00. I have decided school parties are designed to torture first year teachers. I have wonderful kids, but come party time. WOW they are crazy, I know this is true for everyone, it just takes some getting used to. So the extra sleep was greatly appreciated.

Saturday we went to a church Valentines dinner. It was catered by Strawberries, and it was very good. They had karaoke set up for the brave souls. It was a lot of fun. Even without alcohol. :) The kids watched a movie and had a blast. Fun for all!

Sunday well we woke up with intentions of going to church, but Ben had different plans. He got sick during breakfast so we decided to stay home. I think he is fine, but I would hate to give it to any one else. I hope he is the only one who gets it.

Oh and our TV broke but the in-laws wanted a new one for their basement so they brought theirs over. It was an upgrade so the boys love it. You have to have a TV when you have sick kids. I can't wait to play sing star on the new tv.:)